Custom Training

Because of today's fast-paced work environments, that demand a high level of efficiency, teamwork, a lot of personal contact with clients and in many cases even being available at all times, it is sometimes hard to take time off work to attend a training program that can sometimes last a whole week.

Therefore, many organizations opt for a customized training program, that can be organized at a time and location of their choice that covers only the topics they need. People who are too busy to attend regular training programs or just need specific knowledge can choose individual training, that will be adjusted to their needs.

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Custom workshops for closed groups

Besides regular training programs, we also offer customized workshops for organizations and larger groups of people. Everything from the date of the training, location and content of the training can be customized. If you do not posses the necessary equipment, it can also be provided by us.

Everything from basic computer skills, such as Microsoft Office, to advanced specialty trainings for IT professionals can be customized.

In case of larger closed groups of people, who would like to attend Microsoft Office trainings, such as Excel or Word, we can also test the attendees beforehand, free of charge, to make it easier to sort people into appropriate groups (beginner and advanced).

Tell us about your needs and wishes and we will do our best to consult you, prepare a customized program and perform the training in the most optimal manner.

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Individual training

If your busy schedule does not allow you to attend a regular training that can last for multiple days, we can prepare individual training, that will be adjusted to your schedule, needs and expectations and of course, your budget.

Individual training can be organized at our headquarters in Ljubljana or at an aggreed upon location. The content of the training, it's duration and date is arranged with each person individually. We also take care of training materials.

Individual trainings are performed for 1 or a maximum of 2 people at a time. The absence of a larger group of people allows for a faster pace. The same amount of content as in a regular training program can usually be taught in about  ⅓ or ½ amount of time.

The price of individual training is between 29.00 € and 45.00 € per hour.

For more information please use the contact form below.

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